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January 2021
Lighthouse’s CEO made a strategy consultancy to Actualred IT company: “it has been an exemplary consultancy in its process and results” Susana Campos – Manager CCE Paysandú ANDE
February 2020
Lighthouse’s CEO made an assessment for the digitalization of the newsweekly Brecha within the programme ANDE Prodigital - Fundasol
April 2019
Lighthouse’s CEO has lectured a workshop on “Value Selling” with a key-accounts focus to Arkano Software
September 2018
Lighthouse’s CEO has lectured on “The business case of a programme/project: its elaboration process is fundamental to avoid failure at implementation” at PMI Montevideo, Uruguay Chapter
November 2017
Lighthouse’s CEO lectured a webinar on “Assessment to reach effective value propositions”
June 2017
Lighthouse’s CEO taught a course on “ICT-Value communication & delivery roadmap", where corporations such as Globant, Bantotal, Genexus & Geocom participated
October 2016
Lighthouse’s CEO has lectured on “The urgent need for a sound digital strategy for banks” at JIAP Uruguayan Computer Days 2016
September 2016
Lighthouse’s CEO lectured on “Business Models with IoT” at GX26 Genexus Meeting
July 2016
Lighthouse's CEO is interviewed by and republished by ebankingNews
November 2015
Lighthouse's CEO lectured on “From CIO to Business Leader” at TECCOM 2015, San José within Costa Rica
September 2015
Lighthouse’s CEO lectured on “Benefit-driven project management” at GX25 Genexus Meeting
September 2014
Lighthouse's CEO lectured on "IT: business partner or a necessary evil?" at Panama's Banking Association
September 2014
Lighthouse enters Central American market
October 2013
Lighthouse’s CEO lectured on “BPM: generating business value along with software development” at GX23 Genexus Meeting
June 2013
Technical Speech - Raising expectations with regard to the ROI of IT investments, organized by CCEAU
June 2013
“How to improve the recognition and visibility of IT within the enterprise” event, lectured by Lighthouse’s CEO and organized by Microsoft
April 2013
Presentation of the book "A sectoral initiative to foster ICT’s dissemination in firms: the Uruguayan experience", co-organized by ECLAC and MIEM, on april 5th 9:30am-11:15am, at Sala Florida (3rd floor) in the Radisson Hotel in Montevideo.
October 2012
Lighthouse's CEO was one of the professors at the third School for Policymakers in Science, Technology and Innovation which was jointly organized by ECLAC, GIZ & ANII, with participants from 16 Latin American and Caribbean countries
September 2012
Lighthouse's CEO taught a course on "Finding the value of IT" to CIOs in Punta del Este, which was organized by AsIAP (Computer Association of Uruguay) under the program AsIAPrendo
August 2012
Lighthouse’s CEO has lectured at JIAP Uruguayan Computer Days 2012
April 2012
ECLAC hired Lighthouse’s CEO as a consultant for the support in the identification of technology solutions and in the articulation between supply and demand firms, thus facilitating the incorporation of ICT in SMEs of the Uruguayan naval industry
September 2011
VTV Cable News interviews Lighthouse’s CEO regarding his lecture on “Viewing IT as value generator and not a cost: a cultural shift” at XXI Genexus Meeting
July 2011
Review published in Búsqueda weekly
April 2011
Lighthouse’s CEO publishes an article in US site
September 2010
Lighthouse’s CEO lectured on “What bothers companies about I.T.” at XX Genexus Meeting

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